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Taylor Rhodes

"Younique has forever changed the life of both my daughter Emma Grace and I! I joined just to get an awesome deal that I saw my sponsor Heidi Allen post and now here I am at yellow and pushing for pink! This business has provided luxurious things for my daughter such as paying for her to be in her very first pageant as well as given me the opportunity to put her in dance! This business has allowed so many opportunities I never imagined to be able to give my daughter as a single mom! This business has been such a blessing and I have made so many close friends that are more like family within this business! I am so blessed that God led me to this journey! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for my little family!"

Crystal Lohman

"Younique has given me the freedom in my life to focus on my children and serving people."

Rachel Kretzinger Crocker

"Younique has connected me with some amazing people and some that will be friends for life. It has also given me the skills to land a huge job opportunity!"

Jodi Weeden Forsyth

"Unlocked the self confidence I needed to help me in all aspects of life."

Michelle Hammock Bland

"The very first day I signed up, I knew this would be a business venture for me. Younique is the vehicle that will allow me the freedom to focus on my family. Through my business, I am discovering myself again while helping other women do the same."

Cyndi Henley

"Younique has given me extra income to pamper myself. Getting my hair and nails done. Picking up a new dress. Enjoying a massage. It’s also given me the opportunity for personal growth. For the first time in my life I feel confident and beautiful. Younique has given me the voice I never had. I’m pushing for pink, and can’t wait to see what is next in my Younique journey."

Do I Need To Be A Beauty Expert?

Nope. Leave that up to our team at corporate! They put together new trending products, sales bundles and training all available at our finger tips.  We are here to simply spread the word about these amazing products and opportunity all while having fun, making new friends and enjoying our freedom to do what we want, when we want.

Do I Have To Pay Any Fees After I Join?

Absolutely NOT! Once you get your starter kit (needed to have stuff to show off) you are not required to pay anything else after that! No Website Fees EVER!

How Do I Make Money?

There are several ways to make money.  First, when you enroll you get a free website. You make 20% commission anytime someone purchases products from you. Paid 3 hours after they purchase!! WOAH!   Second, you make money off of the team members you personally enroll when they work their business as well. The best part is when you help others win, you win too!   Third, we provide opportunities to earn material items like beauty bags, sunglasses, rolling cases and more just for working your business.   Fourth, we also earn free make-up/skin care.

Am I Required To Invest In Inventory?

No way! That is the beauty of this company! We are social media based so there are NO INVENTORY Requirements!  Once you grab your kit, you are free to work your business and you can send your customers right to your free website. From there, the items will ship directly to them, just like Amazon!

Is There Training?

You Betcha!!! It's actually so much more than training! This is the best on-the-job training I have ever experienced!  We have a self-paced, step by step APP for your phone to help you learn. There are no mandatory calls or hours, you simply use the resources at your own leisure. ​  We have an amazing exclusive chat and team page that are over flowing with resources! We also host team calls, lives & video training weekly that you are welcome to attend whenever you would like.

How Do I Get Started?

Click the link below and then choose "Register Now".     

If you have any questions during this process, feel free to reach out to Brandi Jo.

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